Road Blocks

For the second time in two weeks the street on the north side of the church has been closed. Fourth Place is a main east/west street that links Yale Avenue to Will Rogers High School and continues on to Harvard Avenue. A burst waterline closed the street just two blocks west of the church. Repair crews worked in two locations replacing the deteriorating pipes with new ones. In that process they discovered another leaking water line a few yards from our church parking lot. So they have closed 4th Place again.

It has been an interesting study watching people deal with the “Road Closed” barriers. Apparently most people do not believe the signs and will drive around them. That is when they see that machinery, pipes and rocks block the entire street. The more observant drivers turn around in our parking lot, or drive through the lot looking for 5th Street. The others find themselves over committed to disobedience, trapped by the cars behind them, and looking for a way to turn around in a nearby driveway. A few minutes ago a school bus driver managed to turn around in our parking lot before it was too late. The road has been closed all week!

There are four very large barrier signs that say “Road Closed.” There are two smaller warning signs at the Yale intersection. They are not hard to read. Road construction is everywhere in town. Each torn-up street represents city, county, state or federal money providing local jobs. Next time you drive through a construction zone, say a word of appreciation to the workers, or offer a prayer for their safety. I have a feeling they get yelled at by too many impatient drivers who do not believe the signs. And what about us, do we believe the signs? Do we think we know better, or are smarter than the warnings all around us?

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Follow the signs. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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