Present Memories

I can still remember a time when I could walk into another room and remember why. Things start slipping and sagging after a while. I think it either has to do with gravity or global warming. I’m still confused on that. A mind is a terrible thing to lose. I am told that it is normal for a person of my age to experience these little “senior moments.” Seriously, memory loss is an alarming prospect for any of us or our loved ones. Senility, dementia and Alzheimer’s are frightening words to hear and probably even more frightening to experience.

Through the years I have come to rely on a Scripture passage that gives me strength and courage. It is Psalm 139, especially verses 7–12. This tells me that no matter where I might go, God is there with me. For someone whose loved one is deep in Alzheimer’s, for instance, this assures me that God Himself is with that loved one no matter how deep into the darkness or distance they may go. It is painful to lose a loved one twice; first when they may no longer recognize or remember you, and later when they may die. But also know that our physical presence with that loved one communicates to them on a deep spiritual level that transcends words.

Sometimes I liken it to coming upon a house where the doors are closed but windows are open. The man or woman of the house is deep inside not noticing the knock at their door. Sometimes when a certain voice is heard, or a familiar song played, they may stand at the window and look out, or smile, or shed a tear. But soon they turn and go back deep inside where God is sitting with them and holding them close. As the Psalmist says: “Even the darkness will not be dark to You.”

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Remember His presence. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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  1. Lora Graham

    Hi Darryl,
    This is very well written and I can certainly relate to this article. My mom struggled to remember things the last six years of her life. It was so frustrating for her. She forgot things five minutes after we shared something with her. She was so sad about her memory loss. I’m thankful she’s in her heavenly home now not worrying anymore about memory loss.

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