I am Not a Witch

I am not a witch. I am not a warlock. But I know how to walk through solid walls. I do it very often. I have an extensive library on the magical arts, including a seven-volume set of Harlan Tarbell’s Course in Magic. I have studied the master magicians of the past and learned many of their secrets. I am a member of The Fellowship of Christian Magicians for over 25 years now. But I am not magic.

It all started with an object lesson for Children’s Church. After quite a few embarrassing attempts with the lessons, I decided that I needed to understand three things about an object lesson for young children: how preschoolers and kindergartners learn; how to present a lesson well; and the integrity of the teaching experience.

The stage magician has to learn not only the “secret” of the illusion, but also the psychology of audience participation. The audience is drawn into the presentation whether they think so or not. The technique or skill of the presentation is only gained by much practice and rehearsal. Simple illusions tend to be the most powerful. Notice that I use the word illusion, rather than trick. For me the point is not to “trick” people. No one likes to be tricked or made out to be a fool. The point is to provide a memorable experience that teaches a biblical truth. Hopefully as they think about the puzzle of the presentation they begin to connect with the truth of the illustration.

By the way, anyone can walk through a solid wall if you know where to find the door. Houdini also taught that any lock can be opened – he just made the key with what he had.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Step through a solid wall. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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