Holiday Stress

We had a stressful time dealing with airport security last Christmas. We were a couple of days away from departing our ship and heading back to Tulsa from New Zealand. In reviewing the final printout from our travel agent, we discovered she had booked us to fly out of Auckland before the ship could dock. The scrambling began. It was Sunday on the ship and Saturday in Tulsa. A kind Tulsa agent adjusted our flight, including finding a way for us to get back to town from Los Angeles because that segment of the flight had been cancelled and not rebooked!

We got our new itinerary and waited for the big flight home: Auckland—Sydney—Los Angeles—Denver—Tulsa. December 22 is an interesting day to fly across the world. The trouble began in Auckland. We went through security without a hitch, but then we could not find out about our departing flight to Australia. No gate information, no time of departure. Finally the plane arrived, an hour late. We were put on buses to ride to another gate. We boarded our flight and I mentioned to the attendant that our connection to California was now very tight. Later she came back and told us that we would not make our flight to Los Angeles. Still later she said they were going to try to get us on the flight, so she moved us up to be the first off of the plane. And we were.

An airline official was waiting at the gate and told us to run. I could hear our names being called overhead. We headed across the Sydney terminal, down an escalator to the security checkpoint where they looked through all of the stuff and finally let us through. Another airline official took us back around and through the terminal and said we would make the flight, but not our luggage. Finally we arrived at our gate, only to be greeted by another security checkpoint. Dorothy sailed through; I, on the other hand, was asked to have a seat, take off my shoes once again and be inspected. I was perspiring heavily, royally annoyed and embarrassed as we took the “walk of shame” down the long aisle to our seats. About 20 hours later we arrived home—and so did our luggage. That extra time I spent being patted down and rescanned allowed them to get our suitcases on board the flight. What I thought was an unnecessary inconvenience masked the hard work to see us home safely, with our luggage.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Holiday stress may hide a blessing. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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  1. Lora Graham

    Travel headaches are really frustrating. Nobody seems to be on the same page. We spent the night in O’Hare Airport three years ago at Christmas as you may recall. That was really hard. James was only 6 months old. Thankfully we got the first flight out of there to come home on Christmas Eve. The only good thing is I have a great story for our children someday.

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