Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people: the kind who believe there are two kinds of people, and those of us who don’t. While calling around, reading Facebook comments and listening to the local news channels, I got the impression that there were two different kinds of people experiencing this official blizzard and its aftermath: the kind who like to hibernate, and the kind who don’t hibernate well at all because they are trapped and cannot get out to do what they want to do so they drive the hibernators crazy. Speaking of crazy, then there are the kind of people who go joyriding in 14 inches of snow and -6 degree weather in their trucks and four-wheelers just to see how far from help they can get when they get stuck.

At least with this storm we had enough warning to descend on the grocery stores like locust in a wheat field, leaving desolation and empty shelves everywhere. When I got to the grocery store on Monday night before the storm (after having to park in the shopping center next door), I found there were no eggs, and the milk selection was down to three quarts of the dreaded skim milk and those other “milks” like almond, rice and lactose-free. At least, the newscasters pointed out, the Super Bowl was coming and the liquor stores were well stocked. Good luck trying to find hamburger meat or gas for the car by Thursday. Friday’s dusting of snow turned into four more inches. Anticipating another round of 5 to 10 inches this week, some children may have forgotten their teachers’ names by now.

But there are also other kinds of people. Like the neighbors and church members who shoveled driveways (sometimes twice), who checked on people who were already housebound because of sickness or infirmities, or who picked up extra groceries or medicines for others because they were “going out anyway.” What kind of person have you been through these last few days?

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Be a blessing for someone else. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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