A Taxing Time

Of all the seasonal jobs a person can take, being a street corner Statue of Liberty has to be taxing. The job starts on January 2nd and continues through the end of April. Your assignment is to wear the Lady Liberty costume, wave at people and hold a sign while standing on the corner or curb near the franchised tax service.* The men and women I’ve seen this year have been heavily bundled under the costume. They are required to smile and keep moving for their entire shift. They are encouraged to listen to fun and happy music the whole time. The weather has not been kind, nor have some people.

This is a taxing time. No one wants more taxes but we certainly wanted our streets cleared faster and better, so our taxes paid more contractors to remove the snow. Now those same contractors cannot fill the pot holes fast enough for us. We want our police to protect us, our soldiers to defend us and our water safe and clean. We want the fire department at our house within 3 minutes of our call. The April 15 Tax Due Date has been changed this year to April 18, so some of us will have an extra three days before filing for an extension.

Right now, during our great thaw, the costumed men and women are dancing and waving in the yuck-and-muck of snowplowed ice and soggy grass. Some drivers seem to go out of their way to swerve their vehicles into the icy puddles just to soak the cheerful laborers. Everyone that I have seen purposefully sprayed or splashed continues to dance and smile. I guess they know that encountering rude and coarse people is part of the job. You have to admire their spirit. It must be taxing.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Smile and wave. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

*I have never dealt with the tax company and this is not an endorsement.

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