Today Is Under Construction

I heard essayist Sheila Bender interviewed, and she told a story about visiting a castle in Japan. During the tour, one of the areas was cordoned off for some remodeling work that day. Rather than posting a typical “closed for remodeling” sign, the entrance to the area had a creatively translated sign that read: “Today is Under Construction.” Isn’t that an intriguing thought?

My today is under construction. The minutes and the hours are the framework of my day. How I arrange the materials, spend the resources and allot the spaces of today shape the life of tomorrow. The morning, afternoon, evening and night continue without end. Today is under construction; yesterday cannot be fixed or remodeled. My decisions and choices today carry my life into all of my tomorrows. My relationships with others are the memory makers of the day. My emotions, physical and mental health, and spiritual vitality help cement the day. Or are they the wallpaper I want others to see instead of the real day I am building? There are quiet spaces, but mostly noisy places accompanying my life today. Where are the windows, the doors and the open-air places?

I am a Christian under construction today. Knocking, asking, seeking, finding; listening, stumbling, learning, climbing. Today is under construction, so bear with me if things are not quite in their proper place. I have a Master Architect and an amazing Blueprint, but apparently I am in charge of my construction project today. I wonder what would happen if I asked you to help me with my today, and if I helped you with your today? I guess that might be risky – anything could happen and someone might get hurt, but today is still under construction.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy constructing your life today. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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  1. Lora Graham

    I love this! What a great way to describe our days! I will definitely try to remember this. It’s so true and so nicely said. Thank you Darryl for writing and sharing it.

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