Some Days

In the days when preachers wore suits, white shirts and ties, I accidentally came to church dressed wrong. I was wearing the regulation coat and tie but sometime during the morning worship service as I sat on the platform in front of God and the whole congregation, I noticed the problem. It was a simple problem that I could not fix.

Sunday mornings in a pastor’s home are when the ordinary must get done, time vanishes in an instant, and something will happen to try to mess with the spiritual significance of the day. I can remember back to a time when we had summer rains (it has been quite a while). One damp Sunday morning I went out into the yard to get the paper. I try to read most of the Sunday paper before church. It is always good for the pastor to know the local and national headlines, as well as check the obituaries before heading off to church. There’s a chance something important enough to influence Sunday morning church has hit the paper.

I was fully dressed in my Sunday suit that wet day when I went to get the paper. Sitting up front in church I realized that I was wearing my muddy yard shoes instead of dress shoes. That is an amazingly distracting event when you are soon to speak about the things of God.

The more I tried to hide my feet, the more self-conscious I became. These are the important things they never discuss in preacher school. “Press on” came to mind. How? “Just do what you are supposed to do. Press on.” So I did. I do not remember what the sermon was about that day, but I do know that everyone was very polite and said not a word about my shoes. All of that agonizing embarrassment and no one noticed! The next week I wore my yard shoes to church on purpose. I told the story as the morning children’s sermon. They giggled.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Press on. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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  1. As a way of contrast, I bought some new shoes recently, and no one noticed that either! 🙂

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