While Looking in My Files

I opened a file drawer in my office today. There was a time when I did that every day. I was looking for files on Sunday School. But then I saw some old newspapers folded low in the very front of the drawer. The first one I pulled out was a copy of the National Enquirer, January 4, 2000. It was the “Predictions for the New Millennium” issue. I used it in a sermon once. I did not remember: “Katie Couric’s blind date with a millionaire Saudi prince will lead to her quitting the Today show to marry him and move to Saudi Arabia.” Then I discovered an entire Wall Street Journal. Its front-page story said, “No Apocalypse Now: Y1K Anxiety Ends, but World Doesn’t.” I discovered that the January 11, 1999 edition’s front page was dated January 1, 1000! That’s why I kept it.

Next I found three copies of the God at Work newspaper published by the International Slavic Christian College of Tulsa; two copies of a news story about Tulsa historian Beryl Ford; a copy of the Baptist Messenger from September 1998 where I wrote the word “Keep” on the front. Who knows why. After that was the front page of the Tulsa World, December 26, 1999, with our daughter and future son-in-law’s picture and article about their coming midnight wedding on New Year’s Eve. I know why I kept that one.

Then there were various clippings: Dave Barry proclaiming that he was NOT jealous of the woman who wrote the Harry Potter books; an article on the death of TV’s “Lone Ranger;” pilgrims retracing the footsteps of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem; and an article about a new computer gadget called CueCat. Later I remembered to find the Sunday School files.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Find Sunday School. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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