The Easter Walk

After all of the excitement of the early morning, Jesus went for a walk. He encountered Mary Magdalene and the other Mary running from the Garden Tomb to tell the disciples they had seen an angel. Suddenly they ran into Jesus and He said, “Hello.” According to one account they fell to the ground, grabbed His ankles and worshipped Him. He told them not to be afraid, and sent them on to the disciples with the same message as the angel—“Go to Galilee and meet Him there.” The disciples did not believe this story. Peter and John found the tomb empty; still, they did not pack their things and head for Galilee.

Two followers of Jesus were present with the other disciples when the women told of seeing angels and meeting Jesus on the road. One of the followers was named Cleopas. His mother, Mary, had been at the foot of the cross when Jesus died. In his own grief and discouragement, Cleopas and his friend headed home to Emmaus. At some point on their slow journey that first Easter afternoon, Jesus walked with them. “What are you talking about?” “Have you not heard,” they said with eyes fogged by tears, “about Jesus of Nazareth? He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed. We had so hoped he was the One.” Thus the conversation began. Walking and talking about expectations, disappointments and God’s word. Then there was the whole matter of Peter and John reporting that the tomb was empty, but they did not see Jesus. It was getting dark and they were now in the village. “Would you join us for supper?” At the table Jesus assumed the role of the host, took the bread, broke it and gave thanks. Then they knew Jesus was truly alive. They did not wait for another day to tell the others the truth.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Walk with Jesus, it’s Easter! And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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