One Saturday Morning

Our mothers said we could go. My friend David and I each had 25¢ in our pockets. We got on our bicycles and headed out through the neighborhood for the theater, which was maybe two miles away. The Saturday matinee was nearly irresistible to a couple of 11 year-olds. On many Saturdays it was a double feature. We could not get there fast enough. I do not remember what movies were showing that day, but I will always remember what happened next on that bright, sunshiny day.

Two little kids riding bicycles with no adult supervision was not unheard of in those times. Bad things could happen even back then, we just did not hear about them very often. Bad news travels faster today with video-equipped computer phones in everyone’s pocket or purse. Nothing bad happened to us that day, just a marvel and a choice.

We only had to cross one major street. Just before we got to that street, without saying a word, we both stopped and stared. Across the intersection was a wall of rain. We were in bright sunlight. I did not know that was even possible. It was like the rain cloud had stopped for the red light.  We were perfectly dry yet not 25 feet in front of us it was pouring down rain. The only way to get to the movies was through the rain. While we debated turning back or pressing on, we started feeling the raindrops. We chose to press on. It is cold in a movie theater when you are all wet, but we lived, and laughed and saw the rainbow when we came out. I am glad we chose to go on.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Press through the storms. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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