YurtWhen the conversation turned to yurts, I was at a disadvantage. My concept of a yurt was vague and sketchy at best. A yurt is a name for a portable house used by nomadic shepherds and others across central Asia. It is a shorter, wider, heavier cousin to a teepee. To Mongolians, the word for “home” is “yurt.” Recent severe flooding in Inner Mongolia destroyed dozens of yurts. Our son-in-law Kevin was asked by the Chinese Red Cross to help assess the situation to see if his charitable organization could help the affected people. He and his friend Samuel traveled the 22 hours by train and bus to the region, located near the Russian border with north central China. They determined that yurts, wheelchairs and medical personnel were the primary way his organization could help.

        An effort was launched to provide new yurts for the area. A modern yurt costs about $1,000 US dollars. Kevin had already been in contact with a team of believing American doctors and dentists who wanted to serve for a rural area. Arrangements were made with the doctors and the Chinese authorities for a trip October 13-23 to set up a medical clinic. Winter temperatures have already set in and light snows are not unusual in the part of Mongolia where they will be working. There is strong spiritual opposition in this region of the world and I know Kevin and the team would appreciate your continued prayers for their efforts to reach the people with needed Good News. You can see pictures of the area and read some of Kevin’s report on the web at, http://servepraylove.blogspot.com/

        Disaster relief is an on-going reality of our times. So many disasters, far and near, can lead to an emotional fatigue as we wrestle with our part in helping others. So many are living crisis to crisis, day after day; our assignment is to be the presence of Christ pointing the way. “Do not grow weary in well doing,” says Paul, “for in due time the harvest will be ready.”

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today.  There’s no place like yurt. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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