Wedding Day Memories

August 1, 1970 As the adorned bride was walking outside to enter the chapel for her wedding, she looked up and spotted the groom walking toward his car. I had no choice but to smile and wave. She kept walking. I kept going. I tell this true story to most brides-to-be, hoping that it might lower the stress of their wedding day. For the most part it increases their curiosity about the “runaway” groom. They place themselves in the story and begin to wonder what they would do if they spotted their groom leaving the church 10 minutes before the ceremony. If I’m not careful, this can become a new wedding horror for them to dwell on.

I have seen my share of weddings through the years and have discovered most friends of the couple tell all manner of wedding disaster stories with glee. My reason for telling about the time I drove away from the church waving to my bride is to recast the story as a wedding memory to be shared, and to point out that something unexpected may happen. Brides, grooms, mothers and/or wedding planners cannot control everything. My advice is to relax, look beautiful and let the wedding unfold–which is easy for me to say, so I ask the couple to pick someone else to stress over the details on the big day. They have to trust others.

I waved to my bride and sped off to the apartment a few blocks away. I found the wedding ring, hurried back to the church, and was on time, waiting at the altar when she walked down the aisle. Dorothy has always said she was not worried. She did not know why I was leaving, but she had faith in me and knew I would be back. Sometimes we have to trust God, trust each other and live in the understanding that we do not always know the whole story. We lived happily ever after.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Trust God. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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  1. Elizabeth Burke

    Sweet memory. One that makes you smile.

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