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Keeping Up the Averys

AveryFam2.3.13We have been receiving encouraging reports from our children in northeast China since they have returned from their February visit to the US. The wonders of technology make it possible for us to communicate by cell phone or visually over Skype. We love watching our grandchildren show us their preschool art and listening to them tell their stories of daily life. Precious and priceless are these visits. Dayna and Kevin Avery are working to establish a training school for children with disabilities. They are also connecting local medical personnel and teachers with the families of these children for individualized medical care and training. Recently a prominent local plastic surgeon offered his services without charge to provide cleft palate surgeries for children referred to him by Kevin and his group.

Easter in China took on special meaning for the family as they blended western traditions with their international fellowship of believers. If you do not already read their blog ServePrayLove, I would suggest going to http://servepraylove.blogspot.com/ to see pictures and short videos. Of course they always desire our prayers. Currently they have started a Friday evening discussion on matters of life and faith for ‘seekers’ in their apartment. From April 20 through October, Kevin will lead a Saturday training time for Chinese English teachers on English as a Second Language methods and disability studies as well as teaching English to disabled children in a program called Heart to Heart English. He also coordinates medical teams and volunteers as they come to northeastern China to serve the disabled community. While their blog shares life as a family and pictures of their community, their newsletter gives a more detailed understanding of their challenges, successes, stresses and joys. To receive their e-mail newsletter contact them at ServePrayLove (at) gmail.com and ask to be added to their list.

We always want to know about the weather (it has been a very cold winter) and their general health and well-being. I wonder how everyone is adapting to Chinese culture and language. It is especially good to hear how fruitful the work is becoming after their having been there only a year. I am challenged in my own life by their faith and commitment. Thank you for your prayers.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. ServePrayLove. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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